Rittenhouse30Rachel’s Back Talk is a place where I, Rachel, can talk back about the back cover of books that I have read and found particularly fascinating.

I am a 19 year old, previously home-schooled, history-loving, author. I love to read–with historical fiction being my absolute favorite.

Did you ever realize that teenagers are often lumped into a category that is known for talking back? Here, instead of a negative meaning of talking back, all we talk back about are books, books, and books! Come join me in the fun of discussing your favorite historical fiction or Christian contemporary/romance! Because who doesn’t like talking about books?

To get a little idea of my rating scale…I rate the books I read based on 1 – 5 award winning covers (with 5 meaning I LOVED it!). Another aspect you will find in my review is a question to the author about the book and perhaps they will be sweet enough to leave an answer for us here!

So enjoy! To get started, I encourage you to check out my very first book I reviewed, Captured by Love. From there, feel free to move on to other reviews by author or by book!