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Welcome back to Rachel’s Back Talk! I’m so glad you could join me again. Today I am reviewing Lenora Worth’s novella An April Bride which is apart of the “Year of Wedding” series.


As is my custom, if I could ask Lenora one question about An April Bride, it would be — “Was it difficult to imagine Stella with someone other than Marshall?” And if you want to know why I asked that question, I guess you’ll just have to read the book to find out!


And without further ado, on to Rachel’s Back Talk!


From the Back Cover:

Bride-to-be Stella Carson cannot wait another day to marry her longtime sweetheart, Marshall Henderson. But her plans fall to pieces when she receives the terrible news that Marshall has suffered a near-fatal head wound while serving overseas. Diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, he asks to recover privately in a D.C. hospital, and Stella gives him space to heal. But when Marshall returns home to Louisiana, it becomes clear to them both that he is not the man he used to be.

Marshall’s memories of home have disappeared, and he suffers from violent, vivid nightmares night after night. Struggling to regain their life together, Stella reintroduces him to their town, reminding him of his history and their love story and watching glimpses of recognition dance in his eyes. But there is one dark corner in his memory, one important part he can’t remember: his life with Stella.

With only weeks until the wedding, Stella and Marshall must choose between a marriage built on the past and faith in long-ago love or a very different future than the one Stella imagined.


Rachel’s Back Talk:

4 – award winning covers


This is now the fifth wedding novella that I have read and I am loving them! It is wonderful to read different perspectives and Lenora Worth surely did that. I have never read before of a man struggling with the aftermath of an injury due to fighting. I found my heart breaking for Stella and all that she must have been going through. She struggles with loving the man she has loved since childhood and learning to accept that he has been changed by the war. She was so devoted to her faith, never seeming to waver even as times grew difficult. I loved that about her character.

Marshall was also to be admired. It wasn’t his fault that he couldn’t remember Stella, yet it pains him so much to see her suffer because of him. Marshall sometimes didn’t know what he was supposed to do, but deep down, he had perseverance that he wanted to love Stella because that was what he vowed to do.

Marshall and Stella demonstrated so much commitment and willingness to do what was best for the other which is an inspiration to all.


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