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Welcome back to Rachel’s Back Talk! I’m so glad you could join me again. Today I am reviewing Meg Moseley’s novella A May Bride which is the 6th book in the “Year of Wedding” series.


As is my custom, if I could ask Meg one question about A May Bride, it would be — “Where did you get the idea/fascination of guerrilla weddings?” And if you want to know why I asked that question, I guess you’ll just have to read the book to find out!


And without further ado, on to Rachel’s Back Talk!


From the Back Cover:

Ellie Martin, a country girl living in Atlanta, has dreamed of a traditional wedding all her life—a wedding just like the one her younger sister is planning back home. Even though Ellie is realizing her dreams in the big city as an up-and-coming real-estate agent, she’s missing a key ingredient to her plans for the future: a groom.

Then Ellie meets Gray Whitby—at a wedding of all places. Gray is handsome and fun, and he sweeps her away in a whirlwind romance. In a matter of months, Ellie knows Gray is “the one,” but her mother isn’t so sure, judging Gray to be the freewheeling type, like Ellie’s runaway father.

When Ellie jeopardizes her own future for the sake of her sister, Gray feels like he’ll always be second to Ellie’s family. Can Ellie and Gray find their own way together amidst the demands and perceptions of others or will their romance end before it has truly begun?


Rachel’s Back Talk:

5 – award winning covers


This novella was a quick, fun read! I loved Meg Moseley’s writing and the story line was one that could definitely hold my attention. Ellie is a typical girl who has been saving up, and yearns for her own wedding. Her relationship with her mother is what some would call strained, but Ellie continues to love her despite those differences. Then enter Gray Whitby on the stage. Gray is the romantic any girl would dream of having. And he is so understanding of Ellie—most of the time!

Even though the story seemed to go rather quick at times, I felt like Ellie and Gray’s relationship was genuine. They may have a lot to learn from each other yet, but they truly loved each other.

Ellie had also a very sacrificial spirit about her and I loved that about her character. Ellie was always defending her mother, even though sometimes that may have got into her relationship with Gray. Ellie even gives something of great significance to her sister because she wants to help and that doesn’t go overly well with others. But Ellie had the right motives in her heart and I truly think that she did what was right.

Overall, this was a great book for a light read and I’m so excited to read more in the Year of Weddings series.

*This book was given to me by Book Look Bloggers in exchange for my honest opinion which I have given.


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