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Welcome back to Rachel’s Back Talk! I’m so glad you could join me again. Today I am reviewing Deborah Raney’s novella A January Bride which is apart of the “Year of Wedding” series. This is my first book that I have read of Deborah’s books and really enjoyed her style.


As is my custom, if I could ask Deborah one question about A January Bride, it would be — “How was it to write about a novelist when that is what you are? Was it easier or harder?” And if you want to know why I asked that question, I guess you’ll just have to read the book to find out!


And without further ado, on to Rachel’s Back Talk!



From the Back Cover:

Who can work in a house that’s overrun by contractors and carpenters? Not Madeleine Houser, a successful novelist who gladly accepts the help of her octogenarian friend, Ginny, to arrange for a temporary office in the charming bed and breakfast owned by Ginny’s friend, Arthur. Maddie’s never met the innkeeper—but a friendship grows between them as Maddie and Arthur leave messages for each other each day. To Maddie’s alternate delight and chagrin, she seems to be falling for the inn’s owner—a man who’s likely many years her senior—and who she’s never even met.

Arthur Tyler is a college professor who lost his young wife to cancer. Together they ran the bed and breakfast where Art lives, but without his wife, the house is missing warmth and cheer. He jumps at the chance to have author Madeleine Houser use the space that was once filled with guests. He, too, begins to enjoy the daily exchanges with Maddie, but a series of misunderstandings lead him to believe she’s far from being a prospective date—even if he were ready to date again, which he’s not.

When Maddie and Art finally meet and discover one another’s identity, sparks fly. Even so, they each have obstacles to overcome in order for this winter romance to blossom.


Rachel’s Back Talk:

4 – award winning covers


I found myself laughing at both Madeline and Arthur! These two character definitely had quite the misconceptions about the other and I couldn’t wait to see their reactions when they actually met. Once their relationship progressed from paper to the person, I loved how both of the characters seemed hesitant. They weren’t sure if they wanted something different than what they had. What they didn’t know was that what they had—friendship—could continue in the same way to something more.

Another aspect that I really enjoyed was seeing that the main character was a novelist. I can’t remember reading a book that the main character’s occupation was an author and it was neat seeing an “inside view” of that.

Again, it was lovely to read this novella and I am looking forward to reading the other 10 in the series as well!


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